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Smokeyy ft. Dub & Turtle - We Run DIs **FREE SMOKEYY**


HIPPIE NATION - 1 Nation Under the Influence CD 

Smokeyy has been locked up since November 2013. It is now almost the end of  July 2014 and there's still no sign of when he'll be getting released. Until then we will keep Smokeyy's name in "high-spirits" while his is away..

#FreeSmokeyy !!

If you don't have download now on datpiff


Dub - The Wake Up

This Mixtape is history in the making its "DuB"'s much waited for project brought to you in the middle of the summer with 15 tracks and 5 bonus track he produced himself get ready for a wild ride and get ready to WAKE DA F@&$ UP!!!

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DuB - No THOT Zone ( No Flex Zone Remix)

"Don't even say hi if you basic.." - DuB

DuB - 0 To A Milli (0 - 100 Remix)

(FreeBag) DuB - Pollution

"I swear I need another one.." - DuB

(FreeBag) Eeanjay - Studio (Remix)

"Gotta do what I gotta do.."- Guala

Casso feat. DuB - Move That Dope (Remix)

"Just dreamteaming.." - Casso

DuB - Can't Tell Me Mothin'

"Hey Guala I gotchu, they can't tell me nothin' !" - DuB

DuB - #2DaDirt

"You dancin' with wolves, No Kevin Costner.." - DuB


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